• your pregnancy and birth are a precious time
  • you deserve to be nurtured as you nurture this new life
  • your pregnancy and birth are your own, empower yourself
  • you were meant to do this
  • your body holds the knowledge of bringing forth life
  • if you listen to it, you will know exactly what to do and how to do
    it when the time comes
  • you can write your own story of an empowered birth
  • your story tells of your strength, your own story

                                                                   the benefits are many

  • training by National Holistic Institute (NHI), Remede Spa, and
    Debbie Lavin at Doula Space focused on
  • physiological changes
  • momma's safety and proper positioning
  • practice practice practice on students and teachers
  • 900+ prenatal massages as of November 2015
  • answering questions and easing fears about
  • the birth process
  • pain management
  • breastfeeding
  • newborn care
  • supporting and helping you and your partner to maintain
    clarity and focus during your birth
Woman To Child

You who were darkness warmed my flesh
where out of darkness rose the seed.
Then all a world I made in me;
all the world you hear and see
hung upon my dreaming blood.

There moved the multitudinous stars,
and coloured birds and fishes moved.
There swam the sliding continents.
All time lay rolled in me, and sense,
and love that knew not its beloved.

O node and focus of the world;
I hold you deep within that well
you shall escape and not escape-
that mirrors still your sleeping shape;
that nurtures still your crescent cell.

I wither and you break from me;
yet though you dance in living light
I am the earth, I am the root,
I am the stem that fed the fruit,
the link that joins you to the night.

by Judith
© by owner
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