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    National Holistic Institute (NHI) - 720 hours including Swedish, prenatal, acupressure/shiatsu, sports, injuries,
    deep tissue, energy, trigger point, myo-fascial release, joint mobilization, rocking and shaking, draping, body
    mechanics, assessment, anatomy, structure and function of the musculo-skeletal system, attachments and
    actions of muscles, range of motion, postural and alignment analysis, and kinesiology.

  • Berkeley Chiropractor, Jennifer Lanett, DC at International Chiropractic Centre in San Francisco's Mission
    district, learning additional methods of working with muscle tissue while providing massage to the clinic

    Continuing Education

  • decreased feelings of stress
  • increased feelings of relaxation
  • enhanced circulation and range of motion
  • decreased muscle tension and joint pain

  • pregnancy
  • neck, shoulder and back pain
  • leg and foot pain
  • arm and hand pain
  • hip and pelvic pain
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after your massage

  • water, water, water - it's good for the cells, it lubricates the tissues, think of your massage as a
    workout - you would increase your input of water then, do it after the massage
  • movement - it's good for the body - everything in moderation
  • ice - it's not just for inflammation, it stops the pain cycle
  • epsom salts - a soak feels great! want something different, try a floatation tank - Reboot Float Spa
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